Within a church there is normally a raised platform which is better called the shelter, church or praise location. podiums The main component of this area is normally scheduled for the pulpit or lectern. In some churches the pulpit is positioned off to the side to make sure that the communion table or the church can be positioned main and therefore placing Jesus as well as his sacrifice in one of the most honored location.

Church Pulpits

Church pulpit is the point at which the preacher or pastor leads provides their message to the members. Typically pulpits were huge to make sure that they would certainly overshadow the speaker and also focus the members’s attention on the Word of God. These pulpits were typically made from wood, stone or marble. In modern days various types of pulpit are available; timber pulpits can be conventional as well as likewise extra modern, acrylic pulpits made to be sleek and elegant as well as additionally metal pulpits.

Church Lecterns

Church lecterns (from the Latin lectus, previous participle of legere, “to check out”) are known as the analysis stands within a church, although several churches use their pulpit as a lectern. A lectern is generally smaller then a pulpit. Traditionally churches would have a pulpit at one side of the church as well as a lectern at the opposite side. The lectern would certainly hold the Scriptures which a reading or lesson would read. There are various sorts of lectern including acrylic lecterns or Plexiglas lecterns; these are incredibly popular because they are a straightforward clear layout which does not distract individuals’s attention. The conventional timber lectern is very popular and also come fixed or movable and in various timber types to match the location.


The price of lecterns as well as pulpits differ depending upon size, style as well as quality. Wood lecterns and pulpits can be bought from ₤ 300 as much as ₤ 3000. Some pieces can be even more. Acrylic lecterns and pulpits differ once more from ₤ 300 approximately around ₤ 1500. Metal lecterns and pulpits begin at ₤ 250 and go up to around ₤ 1000.

The lectern or pulpit that you pick will certainly all rely on the application it is going to be made use of for. Very carefully consider your options, on dimension, type, design as well as preference but guarantee you do not limit your spending plan as the quality might let you down and you might need to buy substitute lectern in the future. Quality lecterns with a high price tag are created to last years and generally featured a suppliers ensure.

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