There are lots of methods to personalize products with logos or photographs etc, but dye sublimation is easily the most economical solution for just one offs or small runs because there are no special set-ups involved, and also the the equipment is minimal. A pc, printer with sublimation inks along with a heat press.

Where dye sublimation wins your day happens when customers only desire a few or maybe even one item. Other processes just cannot make the item sublimation training. Typically minimum orders using others are suitable for fifty or even more. With dye sublimation, you are able to produce only one!

You don’t need much space to create dye-sublimated products and lots of people operate a dye sublimation home-based business.

Items that are popular include t-shirts (especially great for hen nights etc), mugs, mouse mats, and coasters. The plethora of products is growing constantly.

I even try taking some products designed as you factor, and utilize them for another purpose, for example using hardboard place mats having a clock movement to create wall timepieces.

It may be quite daunting establishing the gear the very first time. Almost everyone has issues with obtaining the colours searching correct around the products. The printer used needs to be set properly to breed colours properly which is very hit or miss if you don’t comprehend the process. Other settings which make a significant difference towards the finish result are pressure, temperature and time.

Should you take time to research the web, there’s a couple of website sources (including several forums) that let you know about dye sublimation and just what equipment you’ll need, what products that you can do etc and there’s additionally a tutorial DVD available on the web, guiding you though the entire process of producing dye sublimated products.

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